What is happiness 

So people always say I’m a generally happy person and they also ask me what happiness is, well what happiness is to me is hanging out with my friends and family the feeling I get when My hole class is together, or when I dance, happiness is something that people make you feel it’s just not the kinda person you are but it’s about the people you surround yourself with so I’m thanking all my friends and family for making me so happy all the time even when I get mad I don’t stay mad long 😄 luv u guys ❤️💕

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Thank you 

I just don’t have words for how special and amazing and stupid and fabulous my friends are, I just don’t even know we’re to begin because there’s not enough words in this world to describe how much I love  them,so here’s a message for my friends almost non of my friends no I have a blog so they will probably never read this but that ok,

Dear L, were to begin your my best  friend I love you beyond words can describe thank you for putting up with me for 5 great years at and I wouldn’t trade one moment with you for the world 

Dear B, thank you thoughs are the only words that I can even say because I just don’t know were to begin on our friendship 

Dear T, hmmmm……. thank you for being one of my greatest friends I just don’t even know we’re to begin on our relationship, I love you so much

Dear Q, I just I can’t even begin we’ve been friends for 9 years and I’ve loved every second from our dumb ideas to us always being study partners is logic  I never told you this but I love you so much like a brother because out of everyone your the one person who I know no matter what I do you’ll laugh at me for a minute then help me back up 

Dear J, oh dinosaur hunter I just don’t even know 

Dear M, I love you M I’m so sad your moving but we will have to stay  in touch because your amazing and I love you 

Dear H, I’ve only known you for a year but your pretty dang amazing 

So as you can see this is no we’re near how special my friends are but it’s a start I love yuh all so much as I hope we hang out lots this summer from your favorite fun sized person 

xoxo -kelsie ❤️


Thank you for putting up with me for so long,

love you guys -kelsie❤️😁😝


Your loved 

  • So I took this picture awhile ago but yet I still generally like it, but this flower is so much more than a flower is a sorse of beauty a item people generally injoy and it represents joy, how it represents joy you ask, well because if you’ve ever gotten a flower you know how happy it makes you it makes you smile uncontrollably because your just so happy when you get that flower, this is the same with people certain people just make you feel this sense of happiness this certainty of everything will be ok in life no matter what you get  this feeling of home so if you ever feel like your not loved or appreciated that’s not true you are so loved and appreciate and respected beyond measure,
  • I hope you all no how amazingly special you are, I hope this made someone’s day a little bit brighter
  • -kelsie 

Help me speak 

    This is a topic I will post about a lot this is a excerpt from a “book” I’m trying to (and failing at) writing so here it is enjoy ……….Another sleepless night, as long as I can remember the thought of going to bed is just sitting staring at the wall wondering if anyone is up if anything is awake and moving and if the world is still light up, as nights tick by slowly the more the days mesh together the more the minutes turn into hours the more the world stands still and yet weSurvive in this world but with another sleepless night comes another day that just passes by no meaning to depth just there barely breathing barely remembering it’s own name of family barely alive Barely existing in a cold hard unfair world we call life not knowing what tomorrow will bring not knowing who will be there for us or who will stab us in the back not knowing how the world can survive in this state Not knowing the true world around us we’re living in a cloud and that cloud is clearing and the more that cloud dissolves the more the ugly world shows its face As I try to close my eyes to sleep the only thing on my mind is how can this world have such a grasp on us on our every move every breath and every moment This is the most dangerous thing in the world a voice, if only my voice could scream instead of whisper 

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the best year of my life

the school year began the same as every year past i was kinda exited but no more than usual,i walk in to science the first class of the day and i see lots of my friends i also see a few 7th graders in that class as well i looked at them as the younger version of my class, i looked at them thinking wow its been 9 years,9 years  of my life i spent with theses people 9 years of endless friendship laughs inside jokes and fun i couldnt believe that next year i would be a freshman that i would loos so many of theses people who have been in my life as long as i could remember, as i went home that day all i could think about was how theses people have impacted my life and how special theses people were to me


i felt like crying so many times this year


so much was going to be lost from my life

so many people i care about just wouldnt be there anymore


i never realized until this year how close i had gotten with theses people to me they were more than friends they were family they were always there they were always ready to laugh at my crazy ideas but also always ready to hold the box of tissues when we went to see beauty and the beast (yes me and loren both  cried during beauty and the beast) like i said they were more than friends they were family, we all would hang out in a big group and when our school had skate days we would always try to trip each other as i looked at theses memories i slowly felt a tear run down my cheek i slowly felt my lip quiver and i slowly felt my heart getting heavier, i couldnt remember a time i ever felt this sad this broken this hurt i felt every happy thing in my life give away and i felt like i was just falling, falling into a endless pit of hurt and anger and sadness,but then there was a light, me and all my friends from school started to hang out a lot together we started to always be around each other and every time we were together i just couldnt stop smiling,it was the best year of my life (besides meeting me best friend but thats a different story) and on the last day of school our newspaper teacher had us write on a paper our names we slowly past the papers around not knowing what people would say as i got my paper back i almost cried because of all the nice things on my paper, i couldnt believe all the things people said i was so touched, there were so many good things about this year i was so blessed to meet theses people and even more blessed to get to know them i love them all so much and i cant wait till we can all hang out again i love you all! and that was the best year of my life;)


thank you for being the best friends i could ask for and for making  my                                         life so  full of laughter, joy,and happyness


hello :)

hi i’m kelsie and this is my blog north two south its about our lives and the lives or people around us the good and the bad of life, now this blog is not about how bad life can get its about the good that can come out of bad times 🙂 enjoy!image