Have you ever had that awkward conversation were someone is like confessing there undying love for you but you gotta be like hey I only want to be friends…. yea that’s basically how my evening has gone…. ugh whys it gotta be so complicated and confusing I like someone they like me why do other people have to come and mess that up and be like I’ve loved you sense kindergarten but you don’t love them… my response to there undying love quote was “ten year old me would be over joyed to find out you like me but I’m not ten year old me anymore” I just hope I don’t lose them as a friend thanks for listening to me rant guys! ❤


🤷🏼‍♀️ Idek

So I have a question for you guys and I would really love if you answer because I feel like this is something that happens to everyone. 

So have you ever really hated a person?

And if so have they just gotten more annoying as you get older? 

And then one day you walk into class and that person is sitting there and you feeel like there going to be annoying but instead there really cool and fun to hang out with and you don’t understand we’re theses feelings are coming from?

And then said person is generally caring about your life and well being and feelings and you get really confused and don’t know what to do because your in to said persons best friend? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Just wondering if this has only happened to me? 🤷🏼‍♀️

(This person is a guy just so no one jumps to conclusions 😂)  

“A strong  person asks for help a weak person suffers alone and watches others rise to the top ” -k.m.


How can I help this situation 

“Everything, one, and special aspects of my life seems to have left, yet here I am standing up brushing of the dirt and puicking up my peices once again”~k.m.

So lately life was good till recently when I realized how much I’ve lost how many people I’m not as close too, how someone who used to love me might now anymore…… but hey it’s ok guys sometimes people come into your life as a blessing or as a lesson…. 

“Theses wires that seem to have a hold on me spinning me,kicking me, flipping me up side down but here I am still stand proud” k.m

Let’s just say friends there’s a joy to life there’s a incredible beauty that no one or thing could ever truly understand so I hope you share your life and stay strong  even through the hard times because there’s people out there who’s lives would never be the same with out you 

“The rarest thing in the world is life but what’s even rarer is to live one to its fullest”~k.m.

🙂 💙


8 years 

The moment we meant I looked in your eyes and saw the world I wanted to live in.

For the moment I saw you the key to my heart had a owner.

From the moment I meant you I New I wanted to be with you more than anyone else.

From the moment we meant I feel in love.

And I fall more in love with you everyday, I’ve known you for 8 long years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you about how you make me laugh, you make me smile when there’s a tornado going on inside me, the only person for me. And I hope I’m the only person for you. I love you with all my heart to bad you’ll never know just how much❤️


Your all I’ll ever need 

I can not see the sun for your shadow, I’ve only recently become aware of my heart beat. The pulse is slow and lingers on my fingertips, every breath is like a slow and soft kiss every touch is like it’s the first time the spark never dulled down it turned into a wild fire! I always wanted a far off adventure but I never thought the farthest distance would be between our hearts, I’m not walking up to you to give you my heart I’m running, and as I’m running to you I feel safe, for even if I fall you will catch me moments before hitting the ground. For you are my rock for witch I sand sturdy and strong. I know your there and that you care and that’s all I will ever need. 

(You know who you are ❤️) 


A million thoughts 

She’s sad she’s a shell yet she smiles to make you think other wise, she’s always there for others problems but never wants to burden someone with her own she feels her problems are stupid and unimportant so she hides them away, she says be a kind person but don’t waste time proving it to people who don’t want to believe you. Yet she didn’t take her own advice, there’s four people in this world that make her smile more than anyone else yet everyone she sees them she thinks how are they so perfect how come I don’t look like that how come I can’t be perfect I wish I wasn’t ugly or messed up. She tells people don’t be down in them selves yet she is like a anvil on her own heart how can this change take there hands the hands of people you care for them most and if you fall there be there to ketch you trust they will ketch you. And if you fall it will cut deep but not every cut leaves a scare. The place you live the most is in your head make sure it’s a nice place to be! 


She was 

She was a word he didn’t understand letters he had to untangle before understanding. People asked she broken her answer to the world is no I’m just rearranging. Her heart of coal turned into gold but broken as that gold solidified. Was she gone was she here was she in her own world no one knows but everyone knows what he did to her broke her beyond repair that is till you can along, you picked up the peices of a perfect diamond and but them back together you held the hands of a once cold and dead sole you hugged someone who couldn’t feel your touch but you didn’t give up because you knew under the thorns there was a rose worth the wait!

Your all worth the wait!